Packing has got to be my very least favourite thing in the world to do. I always pack too much, always forget something and it takes me hours...and I'm only packing for me this time not a family of 5...then I get really stressed! 
I'm going to Puerto Banus with 5 mates to celebrate 2 of them hitting the big 40 (I've got years before it's my turn!...) for 3 and a half days!! I haven't been away that long from my kids for a very long time! I'll miss them like mad, but it will be nice to have some me time, belly laughing, reading and maybe doing the odd sketch by the pool! I will feel like something is missing not having to carry a pack of wet wipes in my bag and take a little person to the toilet every 2 minutes ......well I hope not anyway!!
My lovely camera bag is from Happy family on Etsy and my travel storage boxes from loo roll - co-op!


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