Sonny in the sunshine!

Yesterday evening was just me and my boy playing out in the sunshine, Lil was at football and sky was at dance with a friend, so me & Son did some chalking. I drew around Son, even though he couldn't keep still for giggling at the under the arms bits...and other bit's!...
...and then Son drew me (it's difficult to see but I'm the large 'blob' on the right!...)  "Oooo Sonny, I'm a bit of a funny shape, where are my legs?", " Mummy they're under your dress because you're a princess"
eeee butter wouldn't melt, he can wind me round his little finger!!


  1. love the drawing on the floor what a fun idea..obviously not with kids with my age though! They would be saying "oh watch my hair!"

  2. Yep it's the same thing with Alexander.



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