Our Bench

We have been having the best gorgeous sunny weather ever...and about time too! ... after two miserable rainy summers  ( one year due to Rihanna's Umbrella ella ella eh song  being number 1 the whole entire summer...every time it came on the radio it would cat n dog it down!) so yeah, we're ready for the sun! 

Everything looks so much better in the sunshine and everyone has a spring in thier step. 
Sonny and I went to our bench for our sandwiches yesterday, it used to be mine and Lil's bench when she was a pre-schooler, then Skyla's now Sonny's!
And this is the view from our bench...

Son's in nursery today though so back to work, still might go up to the bench this lunch time, not the same though being billy no mates...although I will have the cows for company!


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