When I was away we did a bit of shopping, as you do, and we went to the fabulous Imaginarium. It's a spanish toy and book shop with beautifully designed toys and gorgeously illustrated books.(Gorgeously? I think I've just made up a new  word!) 
I bought quite a few books and some bits and bobs for the kids including a lovely paper doll book for Sky. All the books are in Spanish but you can buy them online in English here, although I think the delivery is quite pricey. 

I've visited Imaginarium  twice before in Barcelona and Palma, the shop fronts all have a big entrance door for the adults and a little kiddy size door for little ones, (Which, to the great amusement of my friends, who are all BFG's apart from me and Lindee, the little door was for me as I am a Borrower! yeah, funny...) 
They wrap all your purchases up and stick lolly pops on the front, so they looked extra exciting for the kids, how lovely. 

I bought this craft book for inspiration to do some junk modelling in the summer holidays, it shows you how to create a little witches castle and various creatures to go with it...
sink plug spider
W i d e  mouth frog
Witches castle
It's creators are Mariela Marabi and Gustavo Roldan (and here) who are so imaginative and inspirational. I love the chess piece black cat, fab!


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