blue kitty...

This weekend I made this blue kitty fabric collage
totally inspired by Sky's gorgeous lovely picture of a cat...

I love her hands and feet!
I'm always so inspired by my kids artworks and how they see things.

The weather here has been very grey and dull and basically very miserable and I'm craving for spring, but forecasters have said more snow is on it's way!....Oh what do they know!

So to spring things up a bit at home I bought some blue Hyacinths which smell fab!
The wonderful print 'Golden slippers' Gocco print is by flower press, and the lino cut flowers card is by Angie Lewin.

..and spring 1 is now available in my Etsy shop and here at Folksy, I managed to get better photo's! eeee, everything is a fab big learning curve! 


  1. The view out your window is like something from a storybook - just lovely! Really hot here today - looking forward to Autumn as much as you're looking forward to Spring! Nic

  2. Oh! I just love seeing the little framed Golden Slippers in such a lovely spot. (I wish I could smell those hyacinths too.) Thanks Lisa :-)

  3. I love your new print - quirky and fun!

  4. Forgot to say how much I liked Sky's drawing and your interpretation of it - I may use that at some time if I may (working on a post about kids art...)

  5. You're amazing! I'm adding you to my personal list of inspiration to get back in the groove...I'm slowly (very slowly) working my way back into that art groove. I think checking out your blog from time to time is going to help speed that up! :) Amazing work!


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