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It's spring in my creative space! (despite the snow outside!)
Here's my Spring girl! part of the new screen prints I'm working on in my spare time.

I had a really good day screen printing and loved watching this 4 colour image grow. The scan above doesn't give the freshness of the colours any justice at all (even after half an hour of messing around colour adjusting and swearing!)
you can see the colours better on the photo's of the prints on the drying racks,

I've left some without a charcoal outline (to experiment with later) and some without the fresh green background, which reminded me of pistachio ice cream when I was printing it! The scans are terrible, I wish I was mac savvy to get the colour true to the original!
tomorrow when I get a min I'm going to photo them to get the colours spot on and then list them in my Etsy & Folsky shops by the end of the week.

I think I might try a chocolate outline on the next one to go with the pistachio! What do you think?
Have a look at some more creative space here at Kootoyoo.


  1. She is really lovely and would make a great character in a children's book.

  2. She's wonderful!! I love how much the black lines finish her off.

  3. Oh wow! It's great to see the process...fabulous print!

  4. That's very yum. I've been thinking about layering screen printing lately for the tea towel swap. You've lined yours up so brilliantly... I'm so in awe and totally convinced I need to find a UTube tute now ;) Just gorgeous. K

  5. Everyone will love her, she is gorgeous!

  6. What a pretty face - love the colours and placement - great work! Nic

  7. i came to your site via your folksy page, and i love your illustration style! cheers

  8. love the colour choices. really lovely prints.


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