Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

Voices in the Park, by Anthony Browne, published by Doubleday, is one of Lil's favourite Anthony Brown books (this being the other one...future book of the week!)

Four very different people enter the Park, and through their eyes and the amazing illustrations and use of type, we see four different versions of a walk in the park.

It's such a clever book, the story moves from one voice to another with their personality's reflected in the changing seasons and surrealistic ( that a word? it is now!!) landscape and beautiful detailed illustrations.

It's one of those books that every time we read it we notice something new, a crocodiles shadow behind a tree, a burning bush, a gorilla on the top of the flats! Which makes it a read and read again book without it loosing the magic of the first time read.

Our book is signed which makes it extra special!

I found out that Voices in The Park is a re-make of A walk in the park by Anthony Browne written twenty years ago, also Anthony Browne is a Yorkshire lad! born in Sheffield! home grown talent!

It's a fab read together book and inspires lots of interaction, questions and chat, perfect for a bed time read.
See past books of the week here happy reading!


  1. What a great book! I LOVE the illustrations and the funny things that you don't spot right at once! xx

  2. Isn't Anthony Browne also the current Children's Laureate?
    Love his books, even tho' some are a little 'dark'.

  3. Thanks for sharing your great book collection on your blog. It always reminds me to be more creative with my book choice. Thanks.

  4. It was probably 1998 when I went on a taster course to Burbage school, there the teacher read A Walk in the Park to the children. The book fascinated me, it was for kids, but yet packed with so much...till this day I want that book! And the teacher in the class was infact Anthony Browne's wife, she to was brilliant. I am sorry I can not recall your name, however I enjoyed your style of teaching just as much as I enjoyed listening you read your husbands book to those kids.... by the way I so impressed by the school and behaviour of the kids and reflection time.

    Farzana Mahmood


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