No buts it's got to be...

And how gorgeous is this butter dish!
I need this in my life, to perk up the dark mornings when I'm up at 6 to make butties for 3 lunch boxes!!
It's from the tortuously fab Anthropologie.....(here it is)

And this week we've been mostly dancing around the kitchen to this....

The girls love doing dreamy arms on the slow bit and Sonny loves it when the drums kick in and we all doing running for the line " run fast for your mother run fast for your father"!
The dog days are over according to Florence! that name!
Have a fab weekend!


  1. "tortuously fab" you found the perfect way to explain Anthropologie - so true - their housewares are divine

  2. Anthropologie is just the best. They have opened a new shop in London shall we go? I'll give mine beans for tea for a few months and I'll be able to buy some of those gorgeous shoes and clothes!!!
    I love that butter dish you picked out.

  3. Butter is better, my 90 year old grandma has a lovely old butter board hanging on her wall that says 'Good food needs a little bit of love and a little bit of butter' or something like that. My son just put his ear phone in my ear to liten to Florence and the machine most excellent tunes!

  4. Oooh prettiness from anthropologie and florence + the machine... with this post you are truly spoiling us!!


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