year of the Tiger!....

On Sunday we celebrated the Chinese new of the Tiger in Manchester's China Town, which has the second largest Chinese community in the country next to London.
We saw the dragon dancing through the streets to beating drums, fire crackers and fireworks, which scared Lil a little as they were so loud....eeee it was like a crowd scene in a James Bond film!

We sneaked off out of the crowds to a restaurant for noodles, crispy chicken, rice & Satay chicken, gorgeous!!

I love taking the kids to events like this, it's the next best thing to travelling.
I sometimes think we're a bit sheltered in our little country spot and don't get enough city life and the culture and experiences it has to offer!
Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. Looks like you had a great day out Lisa.I know what you mean about the constant cultural references a city has to offer. We will just have to go more often!!


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