busy tooth fairy

The tooth fairy has been sooooo busy, so busy in fact that she forgot to take the tooth carefully placed under the pillow with a note saying " I haven't lost it this time!" and replace it with a coin! poor Sky. Luckily for Sky, the fairy was running late and managed to place it there later in the day, which she found when I prompted her to double check...phew!

I think the fairy was busy catching up with jobs she'd promised to do ages ago, like make a '2010' for Sonny's calendar...

and catching up with old friends to book a couple of nights in a Riad in Marrakech in a months time!

Bad tooth fairy!!!


  1. I can confirm that the tooth fairy is indeed VERY busy at the moment. The exact same thing happened to Flossie this weekend. And like Sky, Flossie's coin was delivered during the day. Teeth must be dropping all over the place at the moment!! xx

  2. How cute does Skyla look?!!
    That riad looks lovely..... lucky you!


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