Ron Mueck

When we were in China town on Sunday we called into the city art Gallery.

The kids were blown away by an exhibition by Ron Mueck, an Australian hyper-realist sculptor working in Great Britain.

His work is soooo life like! Amazing! and quite eeerie because they look so real and there's a feeling of desperation on some of the subjects faces which is quite unnerving along with the unnatural size of the sculptures.... amazing!
The face above is about 6ft high and it looked like it was going to move and speak to us any minute. Sonny couldn't believe it and was very wary of the sculptures at first, amazing!

This couple were about 50cm, and looked like they were breathing, like little borrowers!
The hair on their skin looks so real, you must check out the exhibition if you're in Manchester, you'll be amazed!
oooo.... did I mention it was amazing!


  1. oh i loved the thought of the borrowers when i was little, that sculpture is amazing


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