Creative space - Japanese Spring Girl

My creative space a month ago looked like this and was inspired by this picture which hangs in our bedroom.

Well I managed to get into the screen printing studio to experiment with my sketches, and came up with these...

Japanese Spring girl 1, printed on Brown recycled card,

Japanese Spring girl 2, printed on white card,

Japanese Spring girl 3, which is a larger 2 colour print,

and finally, Japanese Spring Girl 4, large blacky purple 1 colour print,

All now listed in my Etsy & Folksy shop!

I next want to use my collected inspirations of Marrakech to design a Marrakech Spring girl!
but I have so many other ideas I want to do carrying on with developing the Japanese girl theme, and it's the kids Easter hols (which I love!) So I haven't tonnes of time to capture down the ideas while they're fresh before my mind wanders off onto another idea and the momentum goes!...does that ever happen to you?
More fab spaces at lovely Kootoyoo.


  1. I love the little bird in Japanese Spring girl 1, all so nice, I love your prints :-)

  2. Love it love it love it!

    Thanks for your order too...I should be able to get it off to you in the next few days x

  3. These are gorgeous - love your interpretation of the original print. Nic

  4. have always a big fan of your work Lisa! :)

  5. Lisa these are fabulous. I really like the colours and the combination you have used. I find it hard to choose a fave.....they are all a fave.


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