My Japanese Spring Girl 1 made Printsy this week!
Check out more Printsy prints.

We're loving the Easter hols at the mo, and have been really busy, we've been all over!

We went to Knaresborough at the beginning of the week which was great, gorgeous sunny day! which is wonderful after all the cold days we've had. We did a 4 mile walk which included a sensory garden, a park, a wood and ended with an ice cream and a boat ride, magic! 

We're having a swinging time!! Hope you're having a great Easter too!


  1. Oh, Knaresborough - is that Mother Shipton's cave I can see ??? I used to love going for trips when I was little (oh, and I'm 5 years older if that's any consolation...)
    You look like your all having a great time anyway.
    Love the Japanese print:)

  2. Congrats on Printsy - I absolutely love your Japanese girl and can't wait to get mine! Nic


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