Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

We've become big fan's of Ed Boxall's work, especially after buying this wonderful book The Rooftop Garden
Ed Boxall is an illustrator, author, lino-cut artist, musician and self publishes his own beautiful books like the one above.

Sonny absolutely loves the illustrations in this book, they really connect with him and he notices different details every time. The book captures a dream like fantasy quality which really appeals to Son and he likes it when the little prince escapes from his role as a prince.
This is our first Ed Boxall book although I've bought some as Christmas pressie's from YSP, so we're going to start collecting them and buy the shell collector next as Lil collects shells and fossils.

I also bought this little 'write your own story' book  Journeys of Discovery and Wonder, which has little illustrations in to spark off your imagination to write your own adventure story in the blank bits!, I bought this for Sky as she's an avid story and song writer! I've put it away though for holiday travelling as I think it would be a fab thing to do as you're on your own adventure!

All these can be bought from Ed Boxall's website, which also shows all his other incredible work, what a talent and an inspiration! 

The lino cut above I bought for Chris for Christmas from Sonny, as it just sums them up perfectly!
And below is a print from the camping series which is on my wish list!!

Grab a cuppa and go to Ed Boxall's site it's wonderful!


  1. such amazing illustrations! i haven't come across ed boxall before now, think i'm gonna pop along and have a nosey at his website after your fab posting :0)

  2. i'm back from checking out his work. a very talented guy! interesting to find out his artworks are in some of the shops i used to visit as i'm from the same neck of the woods as him! you learn something new everyday ;0)

  3. His stuff is lovely isn't it...I saw he was on Folksy as well. Want the pea-eating linocut....argh, must stop wanting stuff!

  4. Oh I'm really pleased to see his work here, I've written about him a couple of times and have contacted him to sell his books in my shop. I love his illustrations - very special indeed!

  5. wonderfully inspiring, it makes me feel like printing again.


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