My creative blog space! it really a year!
where the hecky thump has that gone?

I've been blogging  for one year! Lil Sonny Sky is one year old! alive!

And what a creative learning journey! It's been fab, amazing, inspirational and therapeutic,'s about time

Entering Umbrella prints trimmings competition,
being part of the fantastic Quilt project, by the wonderful Kootoyoo who hosts 'My creative space'




making friends, and just generally enjoying being part of something that's much bigger than just being on your free-lancy little self.
 An online lovely inspiring community. 
I've said before I don't know if I'm doing it right or if I've found my online voice that's truly me, ( I'm frightened that the true Yorkshire lass might frighten you off!) but I'm enjoying the journey.

Today's been really weird. A really prominent figure in our community passed away last night and today's felt a little numb. Followed by seeing Peter Kaye stand up in Manchester, who was absolutely fantastically funny. Is there a saying laughter follows tears?..or something like that. And, my big girl has gone on a field trip with school for 3 days...not allowed to contact home and it's the first time she's been away from home for this long which feels a little strange too!

Any road up!,
 1 year is something to celebrate so, I'm going to do a lovely 1 year giveaway.
Just pick your favourite screen print from here, and then leave the name of it in the comment box and I'll do a draw in a weeks time!

Thank you to everyone who follows me, comments, reads and indulges me, I'm really grateful!
Thank you!


  1. I love Bird Hair Day :) Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on one year! You've accomplished alot!

  2. Lisa, how amazing to be in the runnings ... I love your blog, your work and your sunny attitude ... (and Big Song) ...

  3. Great post!! I always enjoy reading your blog, it's colourful, inspiring & original. Heres to many more! xo

  4. CONGRATS! You and your work are amazing, and I love your blog - well done! It was so hard to pick a favourite from your lovely shop, but "dreamer" would be my pick if I was lucky enough to win. Best wishes for the next year! Nic

  5. Congratulations on one year of blogging! I love seeing your work and love that little bee pic. Too hard to pick a fav print, but it wouls be the japanese srping girl on the brown paper, beautiful stuff

  6. Oh congratulations on your one year in blogland!
    So pleased to follow another Yorkshire lass!!!
    I'm opting for Breeze - altho' it's really hard to choose. I'll tweet this for you too.
    I really must get to set peter kay, my sister's always on about how funny he is and I've no idea, never seen him before!

  7. Congratulations Lisa on 1 year at this funny bloogy thing. I will always remember the first time i encountered your work on Kirstys Quilt project & what an impact that had. Still one of my favourite squares & great to see all your current works.
    Thanks for the bonus, tricky but Spring breeze for me :)

  8. Congrats on your first year...your work is really beautiful and I'm so pleased to have found your blog.

    I love the "Who's afraid" print, but they're all very wantable!

    I'll tweet this too!

  9. Ecky Thump now there is a Yorkshire Lass talking! Takes me back to family Laugh-ins and Black Pudding for breakfast ;-) I love the Cowboy Cat and Mr Blue Bird, but if I had to make a choice then it would have to be Mr Blue Bird to fit in with all my other birdy prints in my home :-)

  10. I only recently discovered your blog and your work, and I have already purchased Big song and an owl print from your Folksy shop as gifts for other people. I would love to have one of your prints in my own home...Bird hair day is a favourite at the moment. If I don't win, I'll just have to shop...Your work is very inspiring

  11. congrats lisa on one year of blogging,ive enjoyed reading about you and your lovely family.Your Japanese Ladies are inspirational i love them all.But the best work of art is you. Love mum xxxx

  12. Awww...That last comment was lovely!!! Anyway, congrats on one year, I'm almost at two and I don't know where that time has gone either!!!
    Hhhmmm, how to choose??? I do love Home Tweet Home though! I have a birdy thing at the moment and well, there's no place like home is there?? x

  13. One year! An excellent marker (I am too disorganised and missed mine!), congratultions. I love 'Home Tweet Home', beautiful images. Also your mum is adorable, I want her.

  14. Well done for a year - that's just flown by!
    I know exactly what you mean about today. Me too. I'm sure Lil will have a fantastic time. Feel a bit bad even entering as I am lucky enough to own a couple of these already!! but as for my favourite, it has to be Spring Girl 2!! xx

  15. Oh hooray for one year of Lil Sonny Sky. I'm so glad to have found your blog & have enjoyed your work enormously. Thank you. x

  16. A Big Congratulations Lisa, I love visiting you! I missed my blogging 1st year, and my 100th post...and am still planning my 40th Birthday party and I am nearly 43!!
    Lots of love Michele xx
    I will refrain from entering this give away because I STILL feel spoilt from winning such a great load of goodies last Christmas!! xxx

  17. Yay a whole year is a great achievement! What a fabulous record of your art work you now have. I think your work is fantastic and always enjoy visiting your space. I love all those Japanese ladies.

  18. just found your blog thorough my sis who forwarded it for my daughter who loves to sew. Your figurines made of itsy bitsy pieces are beautiful. Congragulations on a year of blogging

  19. CONGRATULATIONS on your blog's anniversary!

    They are all so adorable to look at. Must be lovely to own it too!
    I found 2 loves in your collection, Lisa. And I could not decide which is my TOP! I LOVE : Listen (to your heart song)! & "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf" :)

    Here wishing you many more successful years to come! X

  20. Happy Blogaversary! My Fave is 'who's afraid of the big bad wolf' x

  21. What a an amazing year ! Think your Mum has it right. I know family are excluded from the draw, so based on 1 year I would have to say all the stuff you have yet to create and, all the stuff you have yet to do with your family. Looking forward to NYC, more log-fires, great Yules, family laughs, family madness, ....... this great life xxx

  22. oh 'hecky thump'! haven't heard that phrase for a long time!! hehe! happy blog anniversary to you! hip! hip! - here's to many more - hooray! very hard to choose which one i like the most from all your fab creations. currently loving 'bird hair day'! x x

  23. I love your illustrations! But so hard to choose! I like any of the Breeze series, but also Listening (sucker for babes in tummies). And Glass half full...

  24. Congrats on your 1st year! I've just stumbled on your blog, I'm quite new to blogging but lovin it!
    Great prints, but my fave would have to be 'Spring Girl 2' - lovely idea to do a giveaway:)

  25. Whoops I forgot to enter last time I was here. I love them all but I think big song, little bird is my favourite, or zip a dee doo dah, both so full of joie de vivre :-)
    Congratulations on your blogoversary xx

  26. well done on your 1 year of blogging! I've certainly been enjoying it!!

    As for your prints I truly am spoilt for choice....but I've settled on 'home tweet home' as my favourite.

  27. Ohh, its hard to chose between "right as rain" and "Home tweet home". I also love the Japanese girls.

    ....i'm going to go for "Home tweet home".

    Kram Jane

  28. I wil go with....Bird Hair Day. Thay are all great - you have a wonderfull style.
    Yes - Blogging is great and you are a natural :)

  29. Congrats on a year! It really does go quickly.

    I love Who's Afraid the most, I think, although Bird Hair Day comes a close second.

  30. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! You can draw and paint with thread and fabric. I loved the beautiful smile. So sweet. :)


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