Marrakech round up

Dishdash's (don't know if that's the official term for them, that's just what I call them!)
The Sunshine's streaming through the slats that keep the Souks cool casting stripes on everything.

Stall selling metal goods, I was so tempted to buy a hammered copper sink they looked so lovely, you can just see one hung up by the door.

Wash day

Our Riad and our little room bottom right.

Snake charmers, this photo was taken from a great distance, not that I'm scared of snakes but the whole thing seemed so alien and unnatural to me that I just didn't want to get too close.

Cafe Arabe, where we had lunch a couple of times. When it got too hot on the roof top terrace, there were pipes that sprayed a water mist at you, which was so much fun for the kids that were there...but for me whose hair is very sensitive to humidity, frizzed up like you wouldn't believe, till I left looking like a combination of Crystal Tipps and Don King!!

Eeeeee, loved loved loved Marrakech can well recommend a visit, a lifetime must see.
Can't wait now for my next adventure!


  1. That looks like the most AMAZING holiday! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos, LOL about your hair ;-)

  2. I've really been enjoying all your photos and the stories about Marrakesh - It really makes me want to be there right now! The souks look fantastic - I think it's the sheer quantity of things on each of the stalls and in the shops: they're all full to bursting.

    Thanks for sharing x

  3. That does look great. I love the colour of the building where you stayed and the real snake charmer! Where are you going next?!

  4. Marrakech looks like an amazing place to visit. I love the look of those souks, the beauty of the city and the surprises that seem to await! Loved seeing your photos.


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