Feeling fruity...

Idea's I've had for screen prints for a long time which have come to the top of the pile!
 Inspired by my kids drawings and a few other bits which I'll post about when I go screen printing in a couple of weeks time.... it's in an effort to keep up my 5 a day!!

 We had a lovely weekend with fab friends which involved a visit to The Manchester Museum for a very enthusiastic little Sonny who wanted to see the Mummy's as he's learning about them at nursery! 

( "Mummy, we're doing about 'megypt' and the 'shrinx' and the pyramids and the mummy's, but not mummy mummy's like you that protect you and keep you safe, but mummy mummy's that are dead and wrapped in bandages!!") 


when I was 4 I was playing in the sand pit and potato printing!!
Sonny ended up being very frightened of the mummy's in the end!, which were very graphic, with feet hanging out and bones ("They're not proper mummy's like on Scooby Doo mummy, because their bandages are not white!") 

It's well worth a visit though, they have the second largest collection in the country!
Then we called for some spag-bol before home!
Hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. Love the photo of eating the spaghetti LOL!

  2. ahh..hehe! what a fab pic of sonny!
    lovin' your screen print ideas ;0)
    han x

  3. Ahh kids what a laugh I remember my son at the same age talking about mummies ' you know mum, the ones that are wrapped up in toilet paper!'Lol.

  4. Sounds like a great day out. Looking forward to seeing your fruity pics


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