Slim shady

I bought a floor lamp from e-bay for £15! bargain!
I'm now looking for an unusual shade to go with it ( for my planned reading area in our front room!)
If anyone knows of any or has seen some cool ones please let me know! you see what I mean about crazy emotional needs?!


  1. Well, mine might not be big enough for your stand but thought I'd say hello anyway. Love your work and I've got a little boy who likes to wear lampshade hats too!

  2. What a bargin Lisa, lucky duck!
    Are you talking new shade or re jigging the one you have?
    There are heaps of great ways to groove up the old one and, of course, now that I am looking for ideas I have seen, I can not find them.
    I nabbed a naked and interesting shaped shade a while ago just so I can have a go at one.
    I am covering it in scraps of lovely precious fabric.
    Will let you know when/iff I get around to it!

  3. Was just going to suggest Helen Rawlinson does lovely shades but she beat me to it !!!!

    I have a great cut out one from Hannah Nunn's shop Radiance in hebden brige. She has a great range and stocks helen's . Take a trip there. I fancy going myself too to give my dining room a spring facelift ..... new lampshade always good for that. She has a website too.


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