After a weekend of not so good weather and torrential rain, Sunday evening ended up like this,
and you know what they say, 
Red sky at night shepherds delight
Red sky in the morning shepherds warning...

needless to say the shepherds round here are delighted today, this is the view from our drive ( the photo's never give it justice, think it's the camera operator!)

Fun lovin criminals were fantastic on Friday night see a bit here, Barry White saved our life! Fab!!

So on this gorgeous sunny Monday I'm going to leave you with these clips of the most brilliantly talented Nathalie Lete, I just love love her work, more here. 
I just want to grab some white paint and a brush and paint all over my windows!!! 
( there's a little girl in one of the clips who licks her finger and tries to wipe the paint off on the other side of the window! so sweet!!) Have a fab Monday:)


  1. Did you see the massive rainbow on Friday too? Stretched right across the valley!!
    I love Nathalie Lete too - she reminds me of you!
    Thanks for lovely comment on mine - you always inspire me too!! x

  2. oooo where in yorkshire?
    I'm a yorkshire lass and moved to Denmark 8 years ago, doooo so miss the hills!

    love your illustrations, gorgeous work!
    :) Amy

  3. Hi Lisa!

    Just wanted to say thank you for posting my video on your blog. Your illustrations are beautiful and gorgeous!

    The little girl was licking the window before she decided to sticky finger it haha. Didn't capture it in time on film though.

    Anyway, Merci!

    Love, georgia xxx


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