Monday Happiness...

5 things that have made me happy this weekend,
a rainbow in the veiw,
watching Lil, Sonny & Sky play Manopoly,

Lily saying to the hairdresser, " I'll have a bob please"
( she didn't have time to smile, she was the Banker, big responsibility need to concentrate!)

being included in this treasury, yellow is my favourite colour,

and this gorgeous girl, Rebecca Ferguson, singing on X-factor on Saturday night, who says the show doesn't find any talent?

What made you happy this weekend?
Have a wonderful week, we're on half term so lots of sports camps, art workshops and a Halloween party planned! If anyone has any good ideas for Halloween party games and food, let me know!


  1. I LOVE Rebecca too, my fave!! Hope she wins!!
    I've been playing Frustration with my 5 year also Scalextric which doesn't float my boat ;D
    What about making some eyeball cakes ;o)

  2. what a lovely weekend....your blog always makes me smile!
    X-factor was certainly a good one this weekend! :D

  3. hi lisa , you got alot going on there , happy birthday to Lily ,she is so magestic ,,,love your last head drawing ,,,keep on the good work , i simply look up to you .
    next becomming sunday will be visiting london , is there any chance that your way is crossing london ? i'll be there till nov 5.


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