having a 'laff'...

I'm still feeling rubbish, 
just can't seem to shift this cold bug, it's gone onto my throat and chest and I don't think my voice will last out the day.... much to the kids delight!!
No amount of medicinal Whisky, Maltesers or Monster munch seem to be doing the trick so my next port of call is a bucket full of 'laffter' ( to be said in a Yorkshire accent ) after all they do say 'laffter' is the best medicine!
So here's the fab Patricia Routlege doing 'Kitty' written by the doubly fab Victoria Wood.


  1. Ahh! hope you feel better soon. It's pants feeling bad, isn't it?! x why don't you get the kids to cook the tea? might be interesting!! xx

  2. poor you...

    funny clip! oh I miss British humour, esp. northern humour! I was reminded of Mrs. Overall the other day...did laff then too!!

    hope you're better soon!

  3. Classic!
    Hope you ‘laff’ yourself better ;D

  4. Hope you're better really soon.


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