red hat...

Yesterday I went screen printing to produce a print on 20 x 20 cm, 
why? I hear you ask, 
well I'll tell you,
I'm taking part in 20:20 print exchange coordinated by the Hot Bed Press print studio in Manchester which involves producing 24 prints on 20cm square paper then submitting these prints to the workshop where they will compile a portfolio of 20 prints, one being yours and the rest other printers work! Each portfolio will be different so it will exciting to see what I get in my portfolio, I'll share with you when I get it:)

This is my contribution, Fossil hunting in red hat, Inspired by my lovely Lil at Runswick Bay

I printed 23 extras and have listed them in my shops here and here.

Well, man alive, where has that week gone!!!? 
Weeks are truly flying by, too fast for my liking!
Lets just take a deep breath, sit and listen to this in preparation ...

...for another lovely crazy busy weekend! gave a good one:)


  1. i love your artworks-they are sooo inspiring!
    guess who i was playing yesterday whist sewing!?! spooky - i have 'draw the stars' on repeat ;0) happy friday! han x

  2. What a great idea - looking forward to seeing what you get in your portfolio. Your print is gorgeous.



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