fab friday!

Yay!!!  I've survived the week!! 
granted, coughing, spluttering and very snotty, sorry if that's too much info but I'm a visual person and like to paint a picture! 

I went screen printing yesterday and it just makes you feel better getting out and about doesn't it?
I started my Autumn girl, a take on Spring breeze but only had time to do 3 colours, looks quite nice as it is though really! I had to get back for Lil and birthday business...

...and when you have a week of a cold bug high on Lemsips and whisky you can't always remember everything, and I forgot the birthday candles, (thought we might have had some half blown out in the bottom of the drawer somewhere, you know that drawer, the one that has odd batteries, take-away menu's, keys that you haven't a clue what they're for, everybody has one!) 

So we improvised with an Ikea tea light!

Happy days!:)

Last week I did an online interview for the lovely Helen Aldous at Artonomy, and shared my experience as an 'online' artist. You can have a read here .
( it's really cringey when you read yourself back but I don't think I did too bad? let me know!)  Bookmark the site as I think it's a great online support for artists, illustrators and crafters who want to use the Internet to sell their work! I know I'm going to check in regularly because I'm far from expert in this field! I'm constantly learning as I go, well worth a look:)

'Laffter' has definitely been the best medicine for me. 
Son makes me 'laff' so much, it's been Pink day at school today, where all the kids have to where pink and take in some money for a Breast Cancer Charity.
 Sonny refused point blank! 
So I pinned a small square of pink paper to his top saying " this is my bit of pink, Sonny" ...he wasn't impressed! his face was a picture when I suggested he wear the girls pink feather boa!

One last "laff" for a happy and healthy weekend from one of my faves, have a good one x


  1. really good interview...interesting!

    love Lilys cake, congrats for her birthday!!

    and Victoria Wood made me and Minna giggle!

  2. glad you're feeling a bit better - love the screen print colours...and Lily's candle! have a good weekend! xx

  3. Bahahah...yes this was definately a 'laff', sad thing is I think I've done half of those moves at one time or another and in a snazy spandex red and white stripe number,(back in the early 90's) my teen body could pull it off back then, well almost. Cringe!


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