Happy Birthday Lily!!!

Today my gorgeous Lily turns 11 years old, 
man alive!  where has the time gone!
She gets more and more beautiful each year, inside and out and we're so proud of her and love her to bits! ( or as Sonny would say "I love you to the bits")

Last night I ran Lil a lovely warm bubbly birthday bath with candles to have a grand soak, after awhile she shouted " Mum come and look at me.... I'm a bubble monster "

She's definitely her mothers child!!
Happy birthday gorgeous  xxxxxx


  1. Congratualtions! Birthdays are important for mums too. And of course, happy birthday Lily....

  2. Happy Birthday Lily!!!! Flossie sends her love!!!!!
    Loving the bubbles look - might try that later! Have a great day! xx

  3. Many Happy Returns to your bubble monster!

  4. Ha ha, she looks great... my Nelly loves to do that too!

    Happy Birthday lovely Lil :^)

  5. Happy Birthday our Beautiful Chocolate Button Eyes. Hope all your wishes come true. Have a great day. love g and g didi xx

  6. ahh..happy happy birthday to your lil! love the face paint & bubbles hehe! x


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