getting organized...

...well trying to!
I spent the morning in bed trying to sleep off a cold bug,
but after some hot water and ginger and a bag of Maltesers I seem to be on the mend!
I listed these Christmas postcards on Friday in my Etsy & Folksy (inspiration here!)

Off now for a medicinal whisky!
Hope your start to the week was a bit better than mine!:)


  1. great minds think alike!!!
    Hope you're feeling better soon. xxx

  2. Get well soon! Am sure the cards will fly out of your shops!

  3. Love the cards! Hope you feel better soon xx

  4. forgot to say - love the cards!! especially the colours! xx

  5. really cute postcards! love the candy stripe :0) hope the medicinal whiskey has helped ;0) han xx

  6. Love your cards and I love that there are personal stories that go with them it makes them much more satisfying (ie the colours inpired by the wee one). Oh and your Fossil Hunting print is just yummy. Sending mending-non-sickness-being type thoughts your way!


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