4 days to Christmas and my mum read to me...

The legend Raymond Briggs ( I grew up with this Christmas film and remember crying my eyes out at the end! I love Raymond Briggs' work, the beautiful 'When the wind blows' and stunning 'Ethel & Ernest' all I can massively recommend you get in your life...along with 'Fungus the bogeyman'!)

Magical, 'The Snowman' which makes me feel so nostalgic and just like a kid again.



  1. oh yes a classic old time fave & must see film for christmas! it never fails to leave an almighty lump in my throat just at that moment when the snowman gabs james' hand & up, up in the sky they go *music kicks in* - always make me well up that part! hehex

  2. Oh a classic. My mother in law has the family round every christmas to wtch it together. Such a nice tradition. Lou xx

  3. I cry at this one too! It been a favourite for years :-) Happy Christmas to you and yours and enjoy the festive season. The snow looks amazing over your way, we are getting loads of rain so its mud for christmas :-)


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