The Apples

Last night we went to see The apples, They were brilliant!

They were very funky and great to let your hair down to, which I did! yes the head scarf has come off and it felt liberating to say the least, all my friends were so positive about it which really boosted my confidence because I was very nervous to expose the 'ole Barnett. 
I look like an 80's skin head but I don't care! It just feels so good to feel the sun on my head. Sonny informed me I looked beautiful and that he loves me very much (hence the term love is blind!) but that will do for me! all the men in my life love me the way I am! fab !

The drummer of this band was amazing! so talented,
If you like a bit of funky Jazzy music, and you liked 'The Brand new Heavies' and 'Galliano' in the 90's then you'll love The Apples! I recommend them!

Can you count shaking your booty as Volcano Trek training?


  1. It was lovely to meet you on Saturday!
    Don't know what you looked like with hair...but I thought the 80's skinhead ROCKED! xx

  2. Manic music! Good for a bop!
    Good to hear you're feeling happy and healthy.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog again Lisa x

  3. I get emotional in every single post!


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