feed me...

... coppers, shrapnel, mucky money ( as Skyla once said!)

My Gran always told me "look after the pennies and the pounds will look after them selves" ... as she put 20p's into her denture tablet tube which fitted perfectly and when full could fit  £20 in which easily paid for ice creams when the van came round, 
 eeee memory lane, it's lovely when you walk down it!

So meet Percy, our penny eater, all for my 3 volcano's challenge!
every little helps as Mr Tesco says!

Talking of memory lane, I thought I'd do a quick blog freshen up, only quick!
I found this pic of me as a youngster! Look how short my dress is! 
That's not a dress it's a top! 
Where are my tights, leggings, trousers? My Mum must have had the twin tub on a boil wash that week!
Have a fab day!


  1. aww lisa you make me chuckle, this photo of you is ace!! :) x

  2. :)) hehe! lisa where's your troosers! x

  3. Memory Lane is indeed a lovely walk, as are Nostalgia Avenue and Reminisce Street!
    That dress (!) is a bit daring for a Yorkshire lass!

  4. think we've all got a pic of us 'half dressed'! Hope Percy gets regular injections of fuel ;-)

    ps crazy coincidence that I was just commenting on the amazement of you on Flowerpress's blog when you commented on mine...spooky ;-)

  5. My Mum used to save 20p pieces in denture tablet tubes for our summer holidays when we were kids! I love Percy, he makes saving fun! x


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