a bit of elbow grease...

I've been screen printing a new 'Free Spirit' screen print  and experimenting with different colours, although it's so hard to show this on the scanner and by taking a photograph!
 This second edition is printed in Petrol blue, magenta and ivory and look different to the original black, red and beige.
It feels good to be doing lovely normal things:)... if you can call dressing your Son in a giant inflatable green alien head so he can moon walk a mile for Sports Relief!
Have a fab creative weekend :)


  1. You look to be back in the creative flow, lovely colours! Those screens make me want to start up again, just been way too busy lately. Good to see you printing again, it takes some blooming elbow grease that does by heck! My arms ached after the screenprint weekend!

  2. Those colours look lovely too! I am intrigued Lisa, how did you do that panel in the middle with the writing....it is so fine and small?

    1. Its a little bit of old chinese newspaper that my mum and dad brought back from China the year Chris and I got married! It's a snippet from the sports page, I think it's something about a local gymnastics team!:)x


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