What a week!

Where did last week go!??
We were all so lovely and busy in the spring sunshine!

I did a bit of screen printing for a commission,

We had a fantastic Afternoon Tea Hosted by my friend Gillian, for the 3 Volcanoes Trek,
my friend Christine is cutting the cake there!
What a fab afternoon!
Gilli had made jams ( Apple Jelly and Sloe Gin no less!) and gorgeous cakes, I'd dabbled in a bit of late night baking myself, and had success making Strawberry and Polenta cakes and some mini fairy cakes 
( notice how I'm mentioning the successes, lets just forget about the rose water buns/dough blobs and the fact that the mini fairy cakes were the 3rd attempt!...I'm no domestic goddess! )
What a fabulous success! 
We raised a wonderful £141!
Massive Thanks Gilli for hosting your a star!!X

Then we whizzed down to Oxford to see lovely friends,

Had a wonderful mothers day,
Hope all you fab mums out there were spoilt rotten!

You didn't know I could levitate on the lawn did you, Sonny's captured it here beautifully :)

Then whizzed back home with sleepy peeps,

and bang! Monday again!
and I'm trekking up and down these Yorkshire hills in training once again! I missed Lil though today,

it's very therapeutic trekking up and down dale on your own, you put the world to rights in your head as you march round!
Have an ab fab Monday!


  1. My week flew by as well but it wasn't nearly a interesting or nice as yours. Good luck with your training. You sure have a lovely place to do it. xoxo

  2. I was in Oxfordshire this weekend too. Isn't it great to have spring finally making her presence felt? I am not sure it makes me want to trek up hills though. :)

  3. Great photos, what an amazing view! Looks like a gorgeous screen print, I do love your work! Good luck with your training. I have tagged you on my blog, I hope that's ok! X


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