short back and sides...

My friend Steph is magic with a pair of scissors
and yesterday she brilliantly spent ages trimming my hair!
My first hair cut!
I decided to go for short back and sides rather than a  back and bubbly look or bouffant number,
I think she's done a grand job!
Thanks Steph for your loveliness xx


  1. It looks great and you look happy and healthy, glad things are looking up! x

  2. That's a very cool hair cut and it looks great on you :)

  3. Brilliant, is it growing back exactly the same, or have you got curls?? It sometimes grows back differently? I like your look, it's growing back quickly.

  4. Thanks guys :)
    it's growing back just the same I think just very salt and pepper! no sign of chemo curl as yet!

  5. You look totally fabulous!

  6. Nice to see you looking so happy Lisa - your hair looks great !


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