a little drop of sunshine...

...for you all this glorious Thursday morning!

Happy St Davids day ...... springs coming Yay!

.... can't wait to whip my head scarf off and feel the sun on my head! 
not long now I reckon, my friend is cutting my hair next Tues! believe it or not! eeeeee it's exciting having hair again! at the mo it's so baby soft and fluffy, like a little Easter chick!
...but soon I'll be able to do this!
and last night I stayed up and wrote my 3 volcano's trek challenge training programme, I've joined the local gym too!....serious stuff!

Have a fab sunny hairy springy day!!!!


  1. Wow, you could start a new thing for 2012 with that hairstyle (link picture). I hope your hair grows thick and long enough to protect your head come the summer sun.

  2. good stuff Lisa :0)
    Hope the gym sessions work out well and look forward to seeing that new hair :0))

  3. Lovely! lovely day. lovely sun pic. and lovely hair style! Go you! xx

  4. Lovely Sunny day Lisa, what an amazing 1st March. Hair photo had me laughing! My friend who had similar treatment got lovely curly hair back, she didn't have that before, it was quite lovely. I should imagine it might make your hair curl?? Love the sunshine image too thanks.

  5. Hooray the sun on your hair, who cares is its chicken fluff its hair and its growing. Hope the training is bearable :-)

  6. All the best of luck with the volcano trip stubbsy, sounds mint!
    Keep the chin up. JW.


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