Little One

This screen print was part of a commission by a very lovely expectant mother:)

Hope you're having a fab weekend,
I've started learning Italian!
It was on my bucket list to learn a foreign language and as I'm climbing up 3 Italian volcanoes it seemed natural to learn Italian,
It's coming along slowly, but I'm very surprised how I seem to be picking it up,
I listen to a cd in the car every day so hopefully by September I'll be able to say
" it's blooming hot on this volcano!"
Ciao miei amici x


  1. Aw, gorgeous print! (Bella! Bella!)

  2. Beautiful print Lisa. How special is that. You should be teaching screenprinting, I love what you do!!
    Learning Italian?.....we went to the VERY south of Italy a few years back on hol, could'nt speak a word really, we ran into a few difficulties because of very bad storms (July/Aug?)Oh boy was it tricky, they speak waaaaaaaaaaay too came down to sign language, tapping the left arm to go left etc?? It was a bit crazy, so it would be good to get to grips with the lingo somewhat, tho it probably won't be decipherable out there!:)

  3. Lovely print! Good luck with the Italian, very impressive :)

  4. This is super beautiful.

    I really, really want to learn a second language! I know so many people who can speak even three, and I feel massively inadequate! Best of luck with the Italian (and the volcano climb, how exciting!!)!

  5. in awe as ever, Lisa re your multi coloured printing ;-)
    Good luck with your Italiano! Would love to learn that sing song language...just taken a look at your next post too. Your walking surroundings are so inspiring, no wonder you are so motivated...can't beat a bit of Yorkshire can you?! x


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