up and down dale!
I'm loving my training!


  1. Love the photos and the fact that you are feeling much better . Enjoy it !

  2. ooh looky at those dry stone walls :) can't wait to go 'up-north' x glad you're enjoying the trekking!

  3. Fit as a fiddle is what you'll be! Enjoy the countryside too! Hope we get some decent springy weather to help you along! :)

  4. Fabulous place to train too!

    Lisa my lovely lady arrived this morning all safe and sound! She is sitting on the shelf looking at me right now and she does make me smile. I love her to bits and will be taking her to my good friend who does framing for the perfect frame. I will be thinking of you walking those hills in preparation for the Volcanos when I look at her too. Thank you so much Jenni xx

    1. Thank you Jenni xx I truly appreciate your support xx


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