art class!

Sometimes when the kids are watching tv  I'll just sit with my sketch pad doodling. 
On Saturday the girls were watching 'Britain's got talent' and I was sat doodling. When I looked over at sonny he'd grabbed one of my sketch books and was carefully drawing this bird which he was copying from a  Rob Ryan tile we have on the wall in the front room.

I was soooo proud! 
He's only 4 and a half and this was a proper picture! not just a blob with with arms coming out and eyes and a smiley mouth a proper little picture. Sonny then announced he was going to be an artist when he was a daddy!! 
The girls saw Sonny's bird and were amazed too! 
not to be outdone...
Lil's birdy

Sky's birdies

Sonny's other birdy!

How proud! I know this is boring to everyone else but it's in the Mum's handbook to be ridiculously proud of every little thing your kids do ( apart from fitting a whole jaffa cake in your mouth in one go...I tend to ignore those kind of achievements!)


  1. A whole Jaffa cake...really!!!
    Er hem...I mean, they are all fantastic drawings - I would be proud and posting them too!
    I love the Rob Ryan tile!
    So true...thank god!

  2. What a fantastically talented bunch you all are!

  3. Ah this is fantastic! Gosh I can't believe Sonny is only 4 1/2 and is drawing like that! Look out you have a whole bunch of artists on your hands there, you should be very proud :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Go Sonny !!!! Good job buddy !
    Rob x


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