beautiful soup

I'd like to say, here's one I made earlier... but this is actually the picture from the recipe book as my photo did not look at all beautiful..... but tasted bloomin lovely!!

The soup in question is
Aromatic Sweet Potato with Ginger and Lime
from this book, Women's Institute Soups for all seasons, ( which I've renewed from the library twice and can only have one more renewal before I think I'm just going to have to go and buy it!)
I'm no cook, but as I said before, I can just about handle boiling and blending, and I do love a good soup!

I can let you have the recipe if you're interested,
in the meantime here is another Beautiful soup, one of my favourite Tumblers!


  1. Oh that soup sounds yummy and I would love the recipe :-) I find that if I have to renew the book again then it is definitely a keeper and worth buying! Also my lovely cards arrived today in the post and they are just beautiful, I just love your felt and embroidery works. Thank you once again for being so generous Jenni xx

  2. If your library is anything like the one I work in, the Librarian will have a magic "overide" finger to let you renew more times than you are supposed to. If you ask nicely, of course! Bribes of the chocolate and handmade variety encouraged ;-)

    Otherwise, you could try returning it and borrowing it as soon as it hits the shelves again. Which gives you a clean slate with renewing.

    (The best I managed was 6 months with the magic overide finger: and at that stage it wasn't even my finger...)


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