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 'The Charmer' ( She could charm the birds out of the trees) so far,
 It's slow progress,  I've lost passion for this piece, I put it down to interuptions and a busy family life that doesn't allow long stretches of time on it which is what it needs. So she's charming to one side for the moment!

In the mean time I've been working on a larger screen print of this design for ARTweek, 

 and inspired by this wonderful book, ' Chinese Indigo Batik Designs' by Lu Pu, published by Dover, I came up with my new screen print for my season's series....Summer!

more creative spaces at the lovely Kootoyoo
Hope you're having a very creative day!


  1. Just found your blog, love your designs;

  2. Wow!!! It's a beautiful work!!!

  3. That book looks lovely - and the design makes great summer hair! Nic

  4. The Charmer is coming on beautifully - I know what you mean about losing your mojo for a piece though.

    And the hair on the last piece is brilliant.

  5. I love 'The Charmer', hope it gets finished soon.


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