where do you like to read?

... on my fire engine!
Sonny engrossed in a book before bed time!
Sonny doesn't believe it's bedtime when we tell him because it's still light, we have to tell him it's summer bedtime! Oh to be four again!  I think this image would make a great screen print!

Yesterday I did a little sketch of me and Son which I plan to do a screen print of,
Off screen printing today to finish a larger version of this, then I want to do another fabric collage of it then I think I've exhausted playing with it, but you know when you really enjoy using the same image?
Have a great creative day whatever your doing!


  1. My boys love to read and I encourage them to read everywhere....If we can pass on our love of books to boys then we have done a good job!

    Love the picture of you and Sonny together :-)


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