Fab Friday!

And the winners are......
drum role pleasy....

( X factor suspense here...although my trousers are not as high as Simon Cowel's...in fact I see myself more in the glamorous role of a Yorkshire version of Cheryl Cole...well a girl can dream can't she!!)

Here's my very glamorous assistant -  Lil,  give us a twirl Lil, right without further a doo.....

First one out of the bag is..... (ooo it's exciting!!)

Yardage Girl (who liked the  'Dreamer'  Print) yea!

the next winner is...

Jane ( who liked the 'Home Tweet Home' print) yea!!

and the final winner is.....

Beth Gunnel ( who liked the 'Home Tweet Home' print) Yea!

Well done,
I wanted everyone to win! because I really appreciate your comments and support and love reading your blogs,

So me and Lil ( Lil really loved pulling names out of the bag! and didn't stop till she'd done them all and lined them up in order on the side board! ) decided there should be 5 runners up too! They receive a hand printed greeting card, 
the runners up are,


(if you could send me your address' to  ' lisastubbs.illustration@googlemail.com' )
I plan to do another giveaway soon,
in the meantime big thanks again for your support and making my first bloggy year fab, it does mean a lot to me here on my lonesome drawing away!
I'll leave you with Sky's Samantha fairy because the colours are so bright and it made me smile when she showed me it ( kids drawing are the best!)

and also a fab Friday tune, one of my all time favourite anthems ( I think it's because they sing with a norther accent, Elbow are from Ramsbottom, Bury Lancashire)
Have a fab weekend and thanks again!


  1. I'm a runner up hoorah! Will send details asap. Samantha the fairy is a stunner, love her colourful aura! Fab friday it certainly is! x

  2. Yay I am another runner up!! How lucky am I :-)
    Thank you so much! I loved that song, have a great weekend :-)

  3. Thanks so much - what a brillant surprise in the mail today! I'm so sorry I missed this post (it was during the Show week), but so excited to be a lucky winner - your illustrations are just the best! This one will look fabulous in Little Misters room. Thanks again! Nic x


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