Fab Friday!

wooooooo! what a week!
I've worked like crazy to have next week off with kids! 
Just burning the midnight oil a bit to finish some painting then I'm done!... then the real work starts ... looking after Lil Sonny Sky!!! probably the hardest and most rewarding job in the world!

So, today as well as working my buns off,  I've listed some packs of postcards in my Etsy and my Folksy,
shops, they are prints of two of my fave fabric collages, Lily Bee and Betulah Butterfly! ( I thought 'Betulah' a rather grand name, after all butterfly's are rather grand... especially when they wear high heeled ankle boots!)

Also bob over to The Handmade Amoeba where the lovely Emma is having a fab giveaway of a bunny bottom hand made pencil roll... ooooo trying saying that after a hard days graft and a glass of rose!

And finally, a bit of chill music after a manic week, although I hope it's not raining where you are, the forecast is sunshine for this weekend, so hope you have a fab sunny one too!


  1. oh oh oh
    your artwork is sooooo amazing!
    all your creations are so grand.
    i loved every picture that was posted!
    thanks for sharing <3

  2. your postcards look great! Hope you all have a super half term break together.


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