Summers here!

This weekend has been a scorcher! 
Summer is officially here ( and fingers crossed, long may it stay!!)
So I thought I'd do another screen print for the seasons series, well it would be rude not to with all this gorgeous sunshine about!
So here's Summer, This was the start here,
and then this is the first colour, a lovely hot orange, on the drying rack.

And here's the red and the dark purple drying.
She has a lovely summery back and bubbly hair doo inspired by this book, from the ever essential reference stop,  The Dover bookshop, can be bought from Amazon too, I've bobbed it in ' fab books' in the side bar.

Hope everyone here in the UK are having fun in the sun and stocking up on those Calypso's and Fab lollies!.... and if it's not sunny where you are have a fab lolly anyway! what the hay!


  1. It's sunny here too. Just made a nice quiche, packed the picnic basket with goodies and we're off to enjoy Bank Holiday Monday by the river.

  2. She is just lovely! I'm loving the hair, can't wait to see the other seasons :-)

  3. Love this print Lisa, its great! oh and love Fabs too!

  4. I want hair like that!!!! Fabby fabulousness let me know when it goes in the shop!

  5. Yet again youve brought a smile to my face.Absolutely love this summerlady.Hot colours. g.didi


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