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Hola mes amies, 
I've been listing  a few bits in my Etsy shop and Folksy shop in between food shopping, playing on the zip wire at the park and now cooking soup.....was supposed to go to the gym but Mondays, family's and the gym don't seem to mix!

So instead, while the sun is shining I've poured myself a large G&T ( well it would be rude not to, there was a drop left over from Christmas and it was calling my name) and 'scoffed a few pic-nic eggs to tide me over while the soup cooks. Will report tomorrow on said soup...I'm no cook really, more of a re-heat person but I do like a good soup and even I can master the skills of boiling and whizzing in a kind of cooking....
Nigella be worried!


  1. What a gorgous blog you have!Your designs are so unique, i love them.
    Come and take a look at our blog "my little jedi" and say hi xx

  2. Hi Lisa, my cards just arrived in the mail Yahoo! They are beautiful you have made my day. Love the Leo! xx

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I have featured you on Cuteable today

    Lynsey x


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