fab Friday...

TGI Friday!
I treated myself!
To one of Laura Slater's gorgeous Lampshades! We love it!
See more of Laura's wonderful work here!

And here's flower lady snapped in better light!, I want to make more and more of these! 
I used quite a bit of Umbrella Prints trimmings to make her.

And, just pour a glass of vino and listen to the beautiful Eliza Doolittle, singing the classic Aretha Franklin 'I never loved a man (the way I love you)'

If you like this listen to 'Pack up' which has a lovely nostalgic summery feel to it.
Have a great weekend :)


  1. that is a nice lampshade :-) i'm gonna go check out her work me thinks....
    your flower lady has come out very well hasn't it ;0) like the 3d effect going on with the hands! hope you have a fab w/e i'm catching up with blogland while the hubby shouts at the telebox ;0) x

  2. Oh I love Flower Lady! I love the combination of textures.....mmmnnnnnn! Have a great weekend :-)

  3. Aww she is so dang beautiful, kind of evoking images of Eliza Dolittle selling her flowers in My Fair Lady. By the way I was looking at your painting above your fireplace from what I an see I love it.

  4. That really is a Gorgeous Lampshade Lisa! Suits the spot perfectly...you lucky duck!
    The flower lady just might be my favorite so far but, you have so many lovely pictures how could I posibly choose only 1!


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