The kids went camping with Chris in Bakewell this weekend and I had the whole weekend to myself!
Yes, a whole weekend! 
the freedom and space was sooooo appreciated. 
Sky had made a note for their bedroom door as their bedroom shop was closed for the weekend!

I got everything ready for Holmfirth ARTweek next week as it was taking in day yesterday,

 ... and actually tidied up without turning around to see another pile of mess to clear up,  read my book in peace in the fab sunshine and generally had a very selfish freedom weekend to myself! Every busy mum should have a weekend like this, it's therapy!

Now I'm looking at the massive Ikea bag full of dirty camping washing and a sink full of camping pans and Tupperware wishing I could just go back to Saturdays leisurely no responsibility lovely feeling!

But as my cuppa says this morning... 


  1. As mums we put such alot into our kids and family so I'm sure we all understand how precious your weekend was. Sometimes I want to put life on hold for a whole week and just catch up with myself, without the organising and mental effort it takes to actually do it, even if I could! Your cards look lovely, I always enjoy seeing your imagery. Bye for now xo

  2. Good luck at Holmfirth!
    A whole weekend luck you and I can sympathise with the washing, having 4 boys (inc hubby) I worked out I wash 1820 pairs of socks a year, boy do I need to get a life :o)


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