Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

It's a classic, The Tiger who came to tea by Judith Kerr.

You probably have this book in your collection, it's a classic from my childhood along with where the wild things are, and one of my faves to read to Sonny as it makes me feel a little nostalgic.  I love the idea I'm reading a book to my children which I loved at school as a child.
The illustrations by Judith Kerr are timeless and beautiful. I don't really know much about Judith Kerr, but after looking up links for this post, I'm really intrigued to read more about her as an artist and her life story.

She has a great love of cats, and you may remember all her Mog books too.

Last night when I lay in Sonny's bed reading The Tiger who came to tea, Sky came in and asked what was I reading, when I showed her she gasped, "I love that book, I've been looking for it can I read it after you please Mummy!"
Even after 42 years, it still hasn't lost it's appeal and connection with todays children, how lovely, a true classic with inspirational illustrations!


  1. Ah happy memories...I remember this one too! I'd forgotten all about Mog. Such lovely illustrations!

  2. Thanks for sheering that book , I don’t know him but is makes we want to have it and read it to my kids ,I wonder if it has Hebrew version of it ,anyways
    The illustrators indeed are timeless .
    Thanks for writing me back yesterday , I enjoy reading your blog for some time now ,I think your kids have most beautiful names ,have you thought of forth ?
    I'm probably will my younger loreia is 1.6 so few more mounts …

  3. I never realised that Judith Kerr wrote The Tiger who came to Tea and Mog until you started mentioning the illustrations and then I had an Ahh Haa! moment!! We loved The Tiger who came to Tea because my friends girl is named Sophie and the boys thought that was hilarious. And Mog's Bad Thing is an all time favourite, both boys read it to each other now! Lovely to be reminded of the memories :-)

  4. Hi Ya mum ace work ya got there!

  5. This is a favourite of ours too. We always have a chuckle about the bit when the tiger drinks all of daddy's beer.

  6. A very popular book in our household too - Daddy loves reading it to Thom as it was his favourite when he was a child. He remembers laughing at the part where Sophie can't have her bath because the tiger had drunk all the water from the tap.


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