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I've had one of those days where I thought,  you know what, 
I'm not going to work, the sun is shining , it's my better half's birthday,
and he is having to  work, so Nellie's to it! I'm having the day off ! 
And I'm going to  go to Sansbury's and buy a big chicken ( for roast chicken birthday dinner!!)  and cake ingredients and some new kids paints and wooden spoons!! as you do!

OK OK, the above picture looks, well... 

 I admit, maybe I should stick to the drawing board rather than the kitchen and I'm the first to admit I'm no domestic goddess, but it's amazing what you can do with a bag of Maltese's and a play Mobil chap!... it's Chris walking one of the 3 peaks surrounded by boulders and grass! ...but the green icing wasn't having any of it, so it's more green worms.... but hey! it tasted a lot better than it looks!!

And can I just recommend Jamie O's 'Perfect Roast Chicken' it was spot on if I say so myself!!!

Son & Sky had friends for tea too, so we all did a bit of painting out in the sunshine, painting wooden spoons to stick in the garden...

Meet Tallulah, Doris and Bod,

Hope you said 'Nellie's to it' today too, and if you didn't say tomorrow! life's too short!
See Kootoyoo for some creative loveliness!


  1. Love the cake, yum, all those maltesers on top. I bet that was popular!
    Cute painted spoons too, what a great idea :-)

  2. Wow those painted spoons are fabulous! What a fantastic idea :) And that cake looks so damn tasty, now I want chocolate cake doh!

  3. Maltese's YUM, no such sunshine here at the moment just lots of wind and cloudyness...brrr!
    Great idea with the spoons, such fun.

  4. Lisa your cake is AMAZING and INSPIRING! It is such FUN! I have sent your post on to my sister to inspire her for my nephews big 5 birthday!

  5. A most excellent cake, and a great idea with the spoons. Genius day off!

  6. It looks like a wonderful day to me!!

  7. I'll admit I was a little alarmed at the green cake worms, but HOW FUNKY ARE THOSE WOODEN PLANTER SPOONS?!

  8. save me a piece of cake as it looks totally yummy luv g didi


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