I've heard,  that the whole day is down to you, how you handle things, positive thinking and looking at life at a different angle.
Here is some fab positive inspirational affirmations to keep you positive today!

Have an uplifting day!


  1. Those are great - I really needed to remind myself of some of these things lately!! I love a bit of typography too! Nic

  2. Oh thank you this really was uplifting! Love the Kill your TV one lol, and I am definately going to have to show my besty the one about being tough, 'cause she is! Have a great day Lisa!

  3. really love these!! Especially 'KILL YOUR TV'! I'd love to do that this week...constant sport is driving me crazy!

  4. What a lovely post!
    Thank you very much for including my Wish Upon a Star print!

  5. Fantastic! Thanks for featuring my 'Raining' print in your super-positive post! I have a t-shirt that says 'kill your tv' - it's from the band Ned's Atomic Dustbin! (Useless trivia) :D

  6. Ned's atomic Dustbin...?!! By any chance a Stourbridge native...? x x x
    Ps. OMG LOVE these am especially a fan of the Valentina designs!! Brilliant thanks x x x


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