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Last night I took my scrap book and sketch book to bed just to doodle. 
I was inspired by an old picture I have of a Christopher Corr painting of a girl holding a bunch of flowers ( in the top right hand corner of the above photo) . I love Christopher Corr's work and book illustration. 
I also had this little Japanese book I bought from Etsy last year.

I have no clue what the book is about, some kind of love story... boy meets girls, they fall in love, they argue and fall out... then, as you do, she sews herself to him and they live happily ever after!!... at least I think that's it! 
The illustrations are wonderful...

I love the one below, where she's giving him a shoulder rub while he's on his mac, made from tiny little stitches. 

Which all in all, has resulted in me making my own flower lady today...

this is the start, (please excuse badly lit photo's) I wanted the hands to be 3d ,

The finished piece.
I think I want to fix it to this piece of wood in some way and then  frame it in a deep frame?

face detail,

it's late and there's no natural light that's why the photo's are dodgy, I'll take some better ones tomorrow.
Also tomorrow I'm starting a course! on 'teaching art in the community', I'm excited and nervous all at the same time! I've just packed my pencil case and note book in my bag!! eeeee, I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. I really love your illustrative style and the way that you translate it to fabric and embroidery. Lovely! Happy creating.

  2. Great the storybook about the boy and girl!And your flower lady has turned out beautifully.Love all the floral details and colours(and I want that hair!)xxx

  3. Beautiful... I love your gorgeous girl and what an inspiring book. I love Japanese craft books, too bad we can't live inside their pages sometimes.

  4. Oh that book looks so sweet. Lovely post and your flower lady is looking beautiful

  5. She's beautiful - what a lovely piece!

    Best of luck with the course today... :)

  6. your flower lady is just spot on. the colours are lovely. very different and very beautiful. love it. g.didi i wish the flowers in my garden looked like that.


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