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... is glowing!

I've wanted to do a print like this for awhile, but hadn't planned to go into the print studio yesterday to do this print.
 I'd planned to print some cards. But the day before I saw one of the mums at the bottom of the school hill, too pregnant to waddle up the hill in the fab summer sun we're having ( and she'd just been to the clinic for a 'strech & sweep'....nuff said! I had one of those before I had sonny, and it's not a Yoga move or anything to do with your chimney!!)

Despite her discomfort she was glowing, I mean really glowing! bubbling over with excitement that she would be meeting baby any day now. She kept stroking her tummy as babe kicked and I knew exactly how she felt. 

And then I felt sad, that I'd never feel that again! 
Never feel the little feet clicking on my ribs, never feel the hic-cups and watch my tummy jump, never feel that content glowing of never being on my own and chatting away to my bump.

So, I decided to do this print, for preggers ladies every where stroking their tummies and glowing!

The print is in my Etsy & Folksy shops and I think it's printed quite well, she almost looks angelic in her contentment!

See more creative space on Thursday over at Kootoyoo.


  1. hello - I just found your lovely blog and bookmarked it right away!
    This is a fab print - such a perfect gift for mums to be.


  2. what a meaningful story behind your lovely print! you most definitely inspired me to look into screen printing again! (along with millions of other creative ideas flowing through my thoughts!)

    Keep up the fab work

    hermionerose x

  3. Lil Sonny Sky you always brighten up my day, this one is for me, am pregnant with my first baby, due on the 23rd December, a Christmas present like no other!!I LOVE your brain!! x

  4. Lovely print! Lovely story!

  5. aww. i love it . really really love it. it is a nice feeling...xx

  6. love love love these prints!!

  7. Oh wow, it's gorgeous! She looks lovely :)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous - it's very generous of you too to show the whole creative process involved with this - fascinating! x :-P Pargy

  9. Oh wow, this brought a tear to my eye, just beautiful. I know what you mean about never having that experience again it's kinda sad and then I see those mums running after screaming kids at the coffee shop looking sleep deprived and frazzled and then I'm OK with it really! By the way thanks so much for your comments, do what you wanna do, be what you wanna be YEAH!

  10. the print is so beautiful ... i wonder how she'd look in a single colour on fabric?
    My Creative Space

  11. After the unconscious crossing of my legs and wincing at that first comment I was able to relax and remember the love, joy and beauty of being pregnant....I too am sad it will not be again, but thank you for evoking some cherished memories :-) Have a great holidays start today for us 2 weeks of Bliss!

  12. I just came across your blog and well, you.. I really love your style!


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