Love bird...

I've just finished the fabric collage version of this...

...screen print ' Love Bird', for the ARTweek exhibition in July.

I thought they would look nice together, to show the same image created in two very different styles.

I can't make my mind up which style I prefer the image in.
Which do you prefer? Would love to hear your feedback:)


  1. First of all - they are both WONDERFUL! I probably would lean towards the collage, simply because of the texture and detail of the work (as a sewer I'm keen to see what you've used and how you've put it all together) - the colours also draw my eye more in the collage - especially the hair. Beautiful work, as always. Congrats! Nic

  2. Really fantastic, I love seeing the two different mediums Lisa! I think the piggy back picture is wonderful.

  3. Really love the fabric collage version of this beautiful creation , such a wonderful interpretation , I believe you can take it ever further .

  4. love them both & both are beauutiful!
    love the zip in the collage & button in her hair :0)

  5. I am a textile girl so I would have to go with the collage of all those lovely the zip and her hair, also how his tie matches her top. Love the love bird as well...too cute. Brilliant idea to show the two together :-)

  6. Wow Lisa these are simply gorgeous! And a wonderful idea having the same image in two different mediums. Whilst I adore the collage, the screen print is my fave, but I'm a sucker for a lovely screen print in a frame!


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